Flyweight Pattern

Flyweight Pattern

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This is a structural design pattern focused on efficient data sharing through fine-grained objects. It is used for efficiency and memory conservation purposes.

This pattern can be used for any kind of caching purposes. In fact, modern browsers use a variant of a flyweight pattern to prevent loading the same images twice.

In this example, we create a fine-grained flyweight class Icecream for sharing data regarding ice-cream flavours and a factory class IcecreamFactory to create those flyweight objects. For memory conservation, the objects are recycled if the same object is instantiated twice. This is a simple example of flyweight implementation.

// flyweight class
class Icecream {
  constructor(flavour, price) {
    this.flavour = flavour;
    this.price = price;

// factory for flyweight objects
class IcecreamFactory {
  constructor() {
    this._icecreams = [];

  createIcecream(flavour, price) {
    let icecream = this.getIcecream(flavour);
    if (icecream) {
      return icecream;
    } else {
      const newIcecream = new Icecream(flavour, price);
      return newIcecream;

  getIcecream(flavour) {
    return this._icecreams.find(icecream => icecream.flavour === flavour);

// usage
const factory = new IcecreamFactory();

const chocoVanilla = factory.createIcecream('chocolate and vanilla', 15);
const vanillaChoco = factory.createIcecream('chocolate and vanilla', 15);

// reference to the same object
console.log(chocoVanilla === vanillaChoco); // true


Last update on 20 Feb 2020